Transitional Space

'enabling change'

At an individual, team and organisational level Transitional Space provides change management expertise, management and leadership development, individual and team coaching and advice on developing the sustainable organisation.

Transitional Space are leadership and change specialists providing coaching, consulting and training to individuals, teams and organisations. Our primary aim is helping you initiate, implement and facilitate change by developing individuals, teams and organisations through coaching and mentoring, team facilitation and leadership development.

On an individual level coaching can help you become an even better manager and also ensure that you achieve your goals across the whole spectrum of your life.

The hundreds of people we have talked to confirm that organisations are still very poor at managing change – especially the people side of change.

Using tools and techniques based on the top selling books Making Sense of Change Management and Essential Leadership, Transitional Space offers tailored interventions to suit your needs, your budgets and your change situation.

We offer bespoke interventions at an individual, team and organisational level:

– Executive Coaching with accredited coaches
– Top Team Development with expert facilitation
– On-going consultancy support and advice in change management
– On-going consultancy support and advice in developing the sustainable organisation
– Action learning methods and expert facilitation to tackle individual & organisational challenges

Workshops, Courses and Programmes in:

– Tackling the climate emergency
– Developing the sustainable organisation
– Change Management
– Leadership
– Coaching
– Personal Development

Transitional Space has worked with a wide range of private sector, local & central government, NHS and not-for-profit organisations for over thirty years.

Mike Green is the Director of Transitional Space, a Leadership & Change Coach, Consultant & Author, and a Visiting Executive Fellow, Leadership & Change, at Henley Business School.

Transitional Space draws on experts and educators drawn from across a range of disciplines, all skilled in the arts of tutoring, coaching and facilitation.