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Executive Coaching

Coaching is a high value, high yield development option which allows you to align your HR strategy to your business strategy and develop your talent in a very focused way.

Coaching offers the opportunity to talk in a confidential environment and to be listened to in an open and constructive way. The coach encourages the client to focus on his or her development challenges and explore the opportunities, anxieties, barriers and feelings that change inevitably triggers. The process allows the client to gain insight into the current situation and develop innovative, realistic solutions to key challenges.

Enhanced performance is achieved through developing skills, increasing knowledge and gaining insights. People being coached understand themselves, their colleagues and the organisational dynamics better, allowing more effective and productive performance.

Coaching as an activity structured in a way to enhance creativity and possibility. It does not need to be neatly prescribed activities. Rather, it can be adaptable and flexible, and can be used for a range of purposes. This range includes helping client to:

• Work towards organisational goals
• Understand the culture of the organisation
• Develop specific competencies
• Change attitudes and behaviours
• Develop insights
• Manage change in themselves and others
• Creatively confront personal challenges, crises and opportunities
• Develop and implement a career plan

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Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is about you becoming who you really want to be.

Given your innate personality and natural talents what do you need to develop in terms of your knowledge, characteristics, skills and behaviours to achieve the outcomes that you want?

Transitional Space can assist you by providing coaching and structured processes, tools and techniques which will align your qualities to the goals you set – whether they are work related or across the whole spectrum of your life:

• Exploring your strengths
• Understanding your personality
• Aligning personal and organisational values
• Discovering your emotional capabilities
• Leading yourself
• Creating your personal vision
• Communicating more effectively
• Being an expert facilitator
• Developing your creativity
• Building networks
• Working in virtual teams
• Stepping into your leadership role
• Dealing with complexity
• Managing change

We also specialise in having individual and team coaching sessions focused on the individual, team and organisational imperatives in developing sustainable organisations and communities