Leadership Development

Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.
Vaclav Havel

Leadership at all levels of the organisation is critical now more than ever. Based on our many years of consultancy practice and leadership development activities we have developed a number of leadership development interventions which can help support, challenge and develop you and your leaders at whatever level they currently are in the organisation. Transitional Space has helped hundreds of managers develop personally and professionally.

Drawing on our practice and the collective wisdom of leadership experts such as Bennis, Goleman, Heifetz, Senge and Wheatley, Esther Cameron and Mike Green have developed five leadership qualities that we can all access in order to manage change elegantly and lead more effectively. These are described more fully Essential Leadership: Develop your leadership qualities through theory and practice.

Individually, or as part of a leadership team, we can help you become more effective leaders through one-to-one leadership coaching, top team facilitation or bespoke leadership development programmes.

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- Asks the difficult, pentrating questions
- Spots dysfunction and resistance
- Creates discomfort and unease when things aren't improving


- Reinforces what's importnat and establishes a few simple rules
- Calmly influences complex change activity through focused reassurance
- Connects people and agendas


- Is principal architect and designer of the strategies
- Crafts seemingly disparate ideas into a way forward
- Scans the environment, sees what's happening in the environment and creates an organising framework


- Articulates a compelling picture of the future
- Gives clarity of purpose to people by promoting a motivating vision of the future
- Holds the vision long enough and strong enough for others to step into


- Doggedly pursues the plan
- Holds people to account
- Leads by driving a project through to completion

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effective leaders are catalysers for change, architects of strategy, motivators of people, connectors across boundaries, implementers of commitments.”

“Leaders are uncompromising yet supple, proactive yet reflective, surprising yet reliable, inspiring yet down-to-earth, push boundaries yet centred”

Mike Green, Transitional Space