Developing the Sustainable Organisation

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. indeed, it's the only thing that ever has
Margaret Mead

As we learn about climate change and environmental issues more generally, we begin to appreciate its all-encompassing nature, its complexity, and its urgency. In bringing together our three core areas of expertise - coaching, strategic leadership development and managing change - Transitional Space is ideally suited to help you and your team navigate the many obstacles that you will face.

Drawing on relevant literature and reports we provide the information needed to understand climate change and other related issues, including a framework of how the different issues are connected. We place emphasis on the measurement of CO2 emissions.

Developing a sustainable organisation requires specific leadership skills and qualities. To explore these, we use the tried and tested models developed by the team at Transitional Space, as well the latest sustainability frameworks specifically created for tackling the climate challenges ahead.

In helping leaders deal with the often destabilising effect that the climate crisis and developing a sustainable organisation entail, our team of qualified executive coaches offer one-to one support as well as creating a safe space to share one’s experiences and concerns, and to receive the support of others.

Understanding the challenges ahead and adapting our organisational culture to tackle them is however, not enough on its own. We must also take other people with us - our employees, our managers, our customers, our suppliers, local and national Government, etc. At Transitional Space we will help you understand how to achieve this and bring about the change that is so critical to us all.